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“English for life”: that’s our motto and the idea central to every syllabus, project or programme we design and implement at I.M.Panagiotopoulos School. From Nursery to Senior High, we teach English as a second language and our primary goal is to shape tomorrow’s global citizens, who will be able to travel, study, work and interact with ease in every English-speaking environment. All their school life, through an intensive and comprehensive core programme, our students are fully trained to develop into proficient users of the language and pass all the necessary exams that certify this.

But, English is not just learnt for the study opportunities at renowned universities or the job offers on the international job market in the future; it is experienced! Our students see the relevance of learning English as they use it ‘here and now’, when they take part in international exchange programmes, travel abroad to participate in Model United Nations and meet acclaimed international writers and scientists. English is an indispensable tool of a student’s everyday life at I.M.Panagiotopoulos School, an International Award School, and partner of the British Council. That’s why our students consistently achieve excellent academic results in English while getting the best all-round education in the language. 











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