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Undeniably, we live in such exciting and rapidly changing times that an outstanding, progressive and well-rounded education is more important than ever. At I.M.Panagiotopoulos School, we support our students to show their ambition both within and beyond the classroom and we encourage them to become responsible, global citizens, ready to make a really positive contribution to today’s society. To do this, we aim to foster confidence, tolerance, respect and integrity; to enhance communication skills; to encourage teamwork and collaboration; and to promote an open-minded appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

At I.M.Panagiotopoulos School we believe that our international work and commitment to international learning are a foundation for our students’ future life. Taking part in international programmes around the world and forming long-lasting partnerships can be seen both as a learning and networking tool: information comes alive; experiences are shared and common understanding is created; new friendships are made. We open a window onto other cultures and our students benefit from the breathtaking views.

For all the above and our excellence in the field of international learning, we have been accredited with a most prestigious award, the British Council International School Award – Full Accreditation. 

Cultural exchanges with International Schools abroad

In I.M.Panagiotopoulos School, we believe in enriching education through opening a window onto other cultures, thus encouraging global citizenship in young learners. Our vision is to develop creative, collaborative, resourceful, and caring young people who are passionate about the needs of the global community. For the last two years our school has been running the Social Inclusion programme which helps young people become more aware of global themes such as identity and belonging, sustainability, rights and responsibilities.

We have decided to establish a partnership with schools overseas to teach our pupils about life in other countries and help them develop as global citizens. 


We have the pleasure to announce that our schoolhas been accredited with the British Council International School Award-Full Accreditation, a prestigious international award which recognises schools that have excelled in the area of ‘international learning’.


We would like to congratulate all our students who have taken part in the scheme, on their hard and impressive work.


2015 PROJECT:“FRIENDSHIP ACROSS THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA”:Sainte Victoire International School-I.M.Panagiotopoulos School

During our educational trip to Marseille, France, which took place from 19th to 22nd March 2015,  5th and 6th graders of Primary school as well as 1st graders of Junior High accompanied by their teachers visited Sainte Victoire International School in Fuveau, France and had a cultural exchange.

We visited SVIS on 20th March. Upon arrival, students were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to their partners, get to know each other, talk about likes and dislikes, present their school and exchange emails. Then, all the students and teachers put on special glasses and went outside to watch the solar eclipse.                   
Having  exchanged impressions on the eclipse, we went to the school’s amphitheatre where we watched the video- presentations that our students had prepared about El Greco and Odysseas Elytis, as well as the film “ Students’ Activities in Greece” made by our students . Students were given the opportunity to talk about differences and similarities of their daily routine. Our students also performed three poems by Elytis that they had prepared in their music class. Next, the students were split in two groups and were given the opportunity to work with their partners on a painting activity inspired by El Greco as well as a collage activity inspired by Elytis’ poems. During these two workshops, students of both schools produced real works of art.

We intend to continue working with our partners by doing joint projects and look forward to seeing them in Athens soon.


INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (Intermediate Certificate)

international-awardWe have the pleasure to announce that our school has been awarded the Intermediate Certificate for the British Council’s International School Award, awarded to schools that are developing their international work.

On Saturday 25th April 2015, during a ceremony which took place in the school’s theatre in Pallini, the Intermediate Certificate for the British Council’s International School Award was conferred on our school by Ms. Maria Nomikou, Partnerships and Programmes Manager, British Council Athens.

The Intermediate Certificate for the British Council’s International School Award is an internationally recognised accreditation for our school’s international work. During the academic years 2012-2013, 2013-2014, we established partnerships with international schools in Turkey and Italy and also developed international work as part of our curriculum. Our goal is to introduce our pupils to other countries and cultures and help them grow as global citizens. Taking part in the award helps our students access a world of learning, collaboration and culture.

We are working towards the next step of the award on our journey into international education by establishing partnerships with more schools overseas. This year we formed a partnership with Sainte Victoire International School in Fuveau, France and Dongmen Elementary School in Taipei, Taiwan.


International School of Venice and I.M.Panagiotopoulos School 
"Friendship across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas"

Our visit to the International School of Venice took place on 15th April 2014. On our arrival, everyone gave us a very warm welcome and then students played the T-shirt game. Once the students had found their partners and offered them their T-shirts, they were divided into three groups and moved to three different classrooms. Students of both schools had already prepared ten pieces of information about their country that they wanted to share with their partner from the other school. These were the most important things that, in their opinion, the other person should know about their country. Students shared this information with their partner and then-in groups of six- they played a quiz based on the information about both countries which had been prepared by teachers of the schools. We watched a power-point presentation that the students of the International School of Venice had prepared about their school, as well as the film < A Student’s Day in Greece> that our students had prepared and then we were taken on a tour of the school. After that we were offered traditional Italian snacks and drinks at the school cafeteria where the names of the winning team were announced.

We really enjoyed working on the programme <Friendship across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas> and in the summer 2014 we continued our cooperation by doing a joint summer project. We are looking forward to seeing our friends in Athens soon.



International School of Trieste and I.M.Panagiotopoulos School 
"Friendship across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas"

We came into contact with the International School of Trieste through emails. Upon arrival on 14th April 2014, we were given an extended welcome by the teachers and the students of the school. Our students were wearing T-shirts with our school’s logo on as well as the name of their partner of the other school printed underneath which they would offer to their partners. The students played a game first. Our students pretended to be statues standing absolutely still so that the students of the International School of Trieste could find their partner by reading their name on the T-shirt. Once they had found their partners, they took them to the school cafeteria where we all had a traditional Italian lunch and watched the film “A Student’s Day in Greece” which our students had made. After that, the students had personal interviews in pairs exchanging information about themselves as well as their countries. A variety of fun games followed, such as relay races and other sports activities that the children really enjoyed. The students were divided into mixed teams working in pairs and groups thus creating bonds between them and understanding the value of working together as part of a team.




The International School Award is an internationally recognised accreditation for a school’s international work. 

Having started our journey into the stimulating world of international learning, weapplied for the International School Award. During the International School Award ceremony which took place at the British Council, Athens on 28th March 2014 the Foundation Certificate was conferred on our school for our international work. We intend to develop international work in our school so as to move up to the next step of the award. During the 2013-2014 school year, we formed a partnership with the International School of Venice and the International School of Trieste and worked together on the programme “Friendship across the Ionian and Adriatic Seas” thus proving our strong commitment to the use of creativity and internationalism to improve standards in our school.



ÜSKÜDAR SEV Elementary School and I.M.Panagiotopoulos School
"Friendship across the Aegean"

We came into contact with ÜSKÜDAR SEV Elementary School via emails and worked together on a programme called “Friendship across the Aegean” aiming at the cultural cooperation and the development of friendship between two nations which have experienced difficulties in their neighbourly relations throughout the years. Both schools have an extended curriculum as far as the teaching of English as well as Interactive Technology is concerned.  Our visit to this school took place on 29th April 2013.

On our arrival at the school, a companion-ambassador of the SEV SCHOOL gave a warm welcome to each of our students. Both schools gave power point presentations about their cities in English in the school’s auditorium. After that, our students together with their partners took part in a variety of enjoyable activities in the school’s gym and had personal interviews in English. We all enjoyed the hospitality of the tutors, directors and students of SEV and felt proud that we had the chance to participate in the programme “Friendship across the Aegean”.

After our return to Athens, English literature books were sent to our friends of SEV SCHOOL. Our students read the same books during summer and they exchanged views via emails. We continued our cooperation with our partner-school. In March 2014 our school participated in the JMUN which took place at the SEV School in Istanbul. A strong bond has been created among the students of both schools.













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