The British Summer School in Athens 2022
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This summer offer your child the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey to the numerous forms of Energy and the infinite potentials of their utilization for our planet.

During the What is your SuperpowerBritish Summer School in Athens 2022, your child will be given the opportunity to be part of an inspiring journey of discovery. In an English-speaking environment, they will become acquainted with different types of energy and their distinct qualities, the potentials they offer as well as the dangers they hide for mankind, their proper use and management. At the same time, they will learn about renewable energy sources, sustainable development, climate change and how it affects the natural environment, and they will explore ways to cover people’s environmental needs within bioclimatic cities and communities for their long-term welfare.

Your child will:

  • discover brand-new worlds of Art, Sport, Science and Nature led by their amazing and experienced instructors,
  • get involved in a wide variety of creative and fun activities,
  • be taken outside the classroom to experience the world around them joining exciting field trips and
  • become true explorers of the English language.

The What is your Superpower? British Summer School in Athens 2022:

  • is designed by teachers of I.M.Panagiotopoulos School in collaboration with the British Council,
  • is aimed at children aged 5* to 11,
  • will take place from 20th June to 15th July 2022 at I.M.Panagiotopoulos School in Pallini,
  • includes transfers for your children on school buses,
  • will run Monday to Friday from 08.30΄to 14.40΄ and
  • offers an optional child-care programme from 14.40΄ to 16.40΄, which includes lunch and transportation to and from central pick-up points. 

       * students born in 2016

The programme includes the following strands:

Your child will discover the different types of Energy through the “power” of Robotics, Engineering, Science, Technology and Maths taking part in hands-on activities and exciting challenges.

iPad Workshops

They will appreciate the power and value of renewable sources of Energy and their use participating in interactive games, creative projects as well as a treasure hunt with the use of educational software programmes and iPads.

Participants will find out about the Energy their bodies can maintain and use when they follow a healthy lifestyle and diet while trying out different sports and games.

Your child will learn about their own power of creativity and how to identify and use the Energy art offers people to express themselves.

Children will channel their Energy into exercising their power of imagination through drama activities, games, songs, and stories themed on the sustainability of the environment and human societies.

Field Trips

Participants will go beyond the classroom and explore Energy in itsnatural environment;theywillenjoyteam-buildingactivitiesandlearnaboutthepowerofco-operationwhile they will also realise theirenergyimpact on other people.

We aim to provide a safe learning environment for children and staff.

The programme will run following the laws and guidelines to protect publichealth against COVID-19.


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